Reconnek is one of NWTT’s inventions. NW Tech Capital (OTC: NWTT) is a publicly owned,
diversified holding company founded in 1996; with an objective to dominate the clean energy
market through the mining of lithium, carbon sequestration, and the development of new
technologies. NWTT is dedicated to creating and purchasing futuristic breakthroughs in keeping with its goal of integrating new developing technology.

There has been growing concerns about the wellbeing of immigrants in light of the present
refugee crisis and the escalating prospect of conflict. The world is now more aware of the
challenges faced by immigrants as they settle in what will be their new homes thanks to the
turmoil in Ukraine and other war-torn regions. Reconnek aims to provide immigrants with new

Reconnek is a comprehensive application that simplifies the process of reconnecting migrants, refugees, and immigrants with friends and community members from their origin or native country who are currently residing nearby. The platform offers a secure environment that feels like home away from home, bringing like-minded individuals together for various benefits such as resources, friendships, community support, business networking, and more. Our software provides a unique experience by allowing users to connect with their ancestors and meet people nearby who share the same origin. DNA tests offer detailed information on maternal and paternal genealogy and genetic testing to help users answer major questions such as where they come from, who they know in the area, and how things are done in the place. Reconnek is available on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores and combines features from popular applications such as Tinder, Facebook, and Instagram. While Reconnek is a free web app, certain upgraded features require a paid membership.

Reconnek was first founded and challenged to focus on helping people connect with their ancestry DNA, locate long-lost relatives and provide immigrants with a platform to re-establish contact with their families as well as useful connections and opportunities in their new locations. With the increasing number of immigrants and displacement of persons from their homelands due to socio-political fights, wars, and instabilities, it is very necessary and viable for people to connect with people of the same ancestral backgrounds who can help them. Thus, Reconnek is therefore responsible for providing these services to everyone. Below are reasons why it’s important to reconnek.

1. Reconnek permits you to connect with people from your ancestral DNA & your home country/town.

2. It brings new benefits/unanticipated opportunities

3. Reconnek helps you remember and relive happy memories, adventures, and the
strong bonds you developed through challenging times.

4. Gets you out of your comfort zone

5. Reconnecting will expose you to a healthier lifestyle and will also increase your knowledge.

  • 280.6 million immigrants in the world (2022 Stats from
  • As of May 2022, 100 million individuals were forcibly displaced worldwide. This accounts for an increase of 10.7 million people displaced from the end of the previous year, propelled by the war in Ukraine and other deadly conflicts (UNCHR statistics 2022).
  • 84 million immigrants reside in the USA (2022 Stats from
  • 27.1 million refugees within the US (UNCHR statistics 2022)
  • 4.3 million stateless people residing in 95 countries was reported at mid-2022 (UNCHR Statistics 2022).